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As the Luxury Phone Collector I am the biggest buyer of Genuine Vertu and Tag Heuer Meridiist handsets. I pay the best prices and am not a broker but an outright buyer worldwide. I treat each purchase as a relationship that will span years.

If you have an original example of any Vertu or Meridiist that you are looking to SELL or simply require a valuation for, please either complete the following form or email me on

Models of particular interest are Precious Metal and Precious Stone models and New/Unused Android pieces. I buy;

  • Ascent X
  • Ayxta / Constellation F
  • Constellation Quest
  • Constellation C Yellow Gold
  • Constellation Touch
  • Constellation V
  • Ferrari Limited Edition Constellation Quest Signature M (Stainless Steel, Gold, Platinum, Diamonds)
  • Signature S (Stainless Steel, PVD, Palladium, Mother of Pearl, Signature Touch Zirconium, Gold, Platinum, Diamonds)
  • Signature Touch
  • Vertu Ti (Android) in Titanium, Pure Black, Alligator, Blue, Red,Ferrari, Diamonds, Mixed metal, Gold

I buy ALL new/unused handsets. I am the only player with the correct experience and presence to purchase the handsets of any value outright immediately (i.e. not a broker).

Whilst I do spend some money on advertising campaigns in the best Publications in the UK the chosen method for publicity remains word of mouth and industry recommendation. I also have an exemplary reputation on many collector forums with many hundreds of friends worldwide.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

The Luxury Phone Collector

Step 1

Simply take a picture of your phone in a light room , avoiding any reflection. Try to take this against a white/plain coloured table.

Step 2

The serial and model numbers are displayed in various locations according to the brand and model. Please refer to the watch’s guarantee papers or receipt. If you do not have either please review the Blog section of this website to find the appropriate information.

Step 3

Fill in the information in the form to the right hand side and attach the photo(s) you have taken to it.